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Safe Search for kids

Create your own SafeSearch page

Create Pants:

Click the button to create some new Pants, this will take you to a safe search home page that you can customise.

The address of your new Safe Search homepage will be

You could use the name of your class, school, year group or anything else, as long as it's not rude!

What is SearchyPants?

SearchyPants is a tool for parents, carers and teachers.

You can provide a safe, supervised environment for children to search the Internet. SearchyPants is Powered by Google Custom Search Engine.

Why use SearchyPants?

SearchyPants makes sure that all search results are suitable for children and use within schools and at home.

We provide you the tools to monitor and restrict all searches. Also, add your own school logo, background images and more.

Who runs SearchyPants?

SearchPants is a Primary Technology™ Service.

We created the service to complement our Onsite Technical Support Service and we provide millions of results a year to schools through the United Kingdom.

SearchyPants Features

  • Customisable search page

    Create your own safe search page with your school logo, background image, links and welcome message.
  • Simple safe search

    Safely search websites, images, educational games and educational videos with the easy to use search bar.
  • Profanity detection

    Ensure children aren't searching for curse words. If a child types in a naughty word the search box is disabled and a message is displayed promoting positive search methods.
  • Easy management

    Take control by blocking and reporting inappropriate content. Change global settings with an easy to use settings page.